Available now, Vertical Leap will change the way you view God, His power, His Word, and prayer

Bill Rieser’s life was changed forever when he surrendered his life to Jesus Christ nearly 15 years ago. After thirty-seven years of living in the fast lane, Bill had an awakening experience that was akin to a “Road to Damascus” conversion. Since then, Bill has spoken at many churches and events and shared his story of how God saved him and his marriage, redeemed his life, and continues to be his Rock. Bill Rieser Ministries was born out of Bill and Carolynn Rieser’s desire to boldly share the hope of Jesus Christ with a world that desperately needs hope. As they shared their story, Bill and Carolynn began to see that people are hungry for hope and were deeply touched by their story. Whether it was in the area of prayer, forgiveness, reconciliation, redemption or surrender, God used every part of their story to help other people and to give them His hope. 
So many doors in ministry have been opened for Bill and Carolynn that would have been impossible without God. Purely through God’s grace and provision, Bill became a pastor and now leads people through a Christ-centered recovery program. God made it possible for the president of a publishing company to hear Bill’s story and to publish his book, Vertical Leap, which is about Bill’s life before and after encountering the saving grace of Jesus Christ.  There is nothing natural about how God has touched Bill’s life and continues to touch others’ lives through that redemption; it is purely super-natural and all in God’s hands. It is in that spirit of total dependence upon God that Bill and Carolynn started Bill Rieser Ministries. God has gone before them in the past and they are following His guidance into the future. 

Bill was impressed that God wanted him to continue to boldly declare His goodness and faithfulness by sharing his story through a speaking ministry. Bill Rieser Ministries exists to enable Bill to share his story of redemption so God can use it for His glory. Bill is unashamed of the goodness of God in his life and willingly shares what God has brought him and his wife, Carolynn, through and continues to teach them. Bill’s vision is to reach many people with the hope of Christ and to help them find the power to walk in freedom through their new identify in Christ. Bill can relate to the story of the leper in the bible who said, “I once was blind, but now I see.” God’s grace redeemed him and God’s grace is available for anyone who will accept it. The mission of Bill Rieser Ministries is to tell the wonderful story of God’s amazing grace so that the Lord Jesus Christ may be glorified and people may come to know and accept Him as their personal Savior.

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